Dance and Pre-Pointe Assessments

More info about our dance and Pre-Pointe Assessments

Pre-Pointe Assessments are specifically designed for anyone looking to dance en pointe in the near future. Ideally they should begin at least one year to 18 months before the intended time of buying your first pair of pointe shoes.

Sessions will include:
– Postural, foot/ankle, hip/pelvis and core assessments.
– Technique assessment.
– Exercise prescription and guidance.
– A plan to share with your dance teacher/school.

Pointe assessments are exactly what they sound like, assessments to judge when you are ready to safely move into pointe shoes. Usually, multiple assessments are done over this time (generally 6-12 weeks apart) to ensure all bases are covered and to keep you on track. Most people will have areas that they need to work on to get their body fully ready to be able to dance en pointe safely. It’s much more of a process rather than a one-off event.

Kathryn May performs all of our pre-pointe asessments. Kathryn is an experienced osteopath, and prior to her osteo training, she completed a Bachelor of Arts, majoring in dance. Kathryn has been dancing most of her life and has a great appreciation for the human body and movement. She is passionate about safe dance practice, which led her to complete the Pre-Pointe Assessment training with Lisa Howell (dance physio). Read her blog about Pre-Pointe Assessments here.

FOR DANCE STUDIOS: If you would like to refer your dancers for pre-pointe assessments, or for more information, please contact the clinic at, or direct the dancer to book online. 

All of our osteopaths are registered with AHPRA.