LGBTIQA+ Health and Sound Osteo

We aim to go far beyond ticking boxes when it comes to LGBTIQA+ healthcare. Our clinic is women and queer led and run, and all of the staff at Sound are either part of the LGBTIQA+ community or have close loved ones that are.

For this reason we feel that we are well placed to provide affirming care, and to push even further with what it means to be “inclusive”. More reasons come from reading stats like these taken from Transcending Discrimination in Health and Cancer Care (2019):

1 in 5 trans participants reported being refused general healthcare.
Nearly 60% of trans participants cited fear of mistreatment as a barrier for them.
Nearly 70% said they were unable to find a doctor they felt comfortable with.

Osteopath Julian Grace has written a great blog here that speaks further to this.

Things we’re doing:

  • All staff have undergone training in trans health from someone with lived experience.
  • Sound Osteo as a clinic and individual practitioners have affirmed the Darlington Statement for intersex human rights, and we encourage others to do the same!
  • You can use whichever name or pronoun you choose, and we’re committed to respecting them. We collect this info when you first sign up, but you can update it whenever you like.
  • We prioritise person-centred, trauma-informed approaches – for example, we have longer appointment times so that there’s space to talk things through or take things slowly if you need to.
  • We’ve created pronoun cards for our desks, with a QR code for people to learn more about pronouns if they’re new to thinking about them.
  • There is one self-contained toilet so there’s no need to navigate gendered facilities.
  • We’re active in the local and national LGBTIQA+ health advocacy space, contributing to communities of practice in the area, and building networks of trusted referral options for LGBTIQA+ people in need of multidisciplinary care.
  • No assumptions or judgements are made about gender, names, titles, occupation, relationship status, financial status, health conditions or any other personal details. 


We want to be doing as much as we can so if you have any suggestions, please do reach out.

All of our osteopaths are registered with AHPRA.