COVID-19 Update

***UPDATE MARCH 24 2020***

Sound Osteo has decided in the best interests of our wonderful patients, the residents of 9 Smith St and our own health that we will be temporarily closing our doors due to the risk and impact of COVID-19.

We love our community, and will continue to offer care via telehealth for anyone in need. If you need advice regarding exercise prescription, breathing exercises, work from home set up or injury management, book a telehealth consult on the bookings page.

Please follow our social pages (facebook and instagram) for helpful information, live streamed stretching/advice/breathing classes, as well as for when we expect to be back up and running. We thank you SO much for your support during this difficult time.


March 18th, 2020

Well hasn’t this been quite the fortnight! We have been receiving a lot of questions around whether to keep appointments and a lot of people postponing for a later date. We absolutely encourage everyone to stay home should they feel they need to, there will be no cancellation fees.

Currently we are remaining open. We don’t know for how long. We will update you as soon as this changes. For now, here are the changes we’ve made in the clinic:

  • No/very limited linen. We have removed the table covers and request people keep their clothing on where possible. Should we need to use a towel (osteo is very hard without our trusted towels) we will use a single fresh towel and discard as soon as finished. We will change pillowcases between each patient.

  • Between patients we are disinfecting the table, desk, handles, EFTPOS machine, and surfaces with hospital grade anti bacterial/viral solution.

  • Hand washing at the start and end of all treatments. We request you do the same.

  • Hand sanitiser is available at the front desk.

  • We will not be seeing any clients who have been overseas in the last two weeks (including before the government imposed 14 day self isolation), have been in contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19 or currently has cold/flu symptoms.

  • Rachel and Carmen are diligently following social distancing guidelines outside of the clinic.

We will also now be offering video consultations! At a reduced rate (please see our bookings page for options), we can provide you with self treatment, stretching and exercise advice from the comfort of your own home. This will continue throughout the shutdown and perhaps even beyond.

We will be sure to update you with where we’re at, and please let us know if you have any questions or have any suggestions of how we can best assist you, our wonderful clients, at this time.

Stay safe, keep washing, and Sound Osteo will be back and better than ever on the other side of all this.

– Rachel and Carmen, your friendly neighbourhood rocksteos.