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LGBTIQ+ Health

LGBTIQA+ Health & Sound Osteo

LGBTIQA+ Health and Sound Osteo! While our doors are open to everyone, we like to extend a special invite to LGBTIQA+ people at Sound Osteo – why is this?

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Osteo Advice

What even IS osteopathy?!

What even IS osteopathy?! For a long time now I have constantly been asked – “so what actually is osteopathy?”, “what does an osteopath do?” or “what’s the difference between physio and osteo?” or countless variations on this theme. Let

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Clinic News

Fitzroy clinic photos

Fitzroy clinic photos Here are some shots of the lovely new clinic. From Johnston St you enter the shop Villain, come up the stairs and there we are!  Previous Next More Articles ALLIED HEALTH ROOM FOR RENT IN COLLINGWOOD What

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