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COVID-19 Update

COVID-19 Update ***UPDATE MARCH 24 2020*** Sound Osteo has decided in the best interests of our wonderful patients, the residents of 9 Smith St and our own health that we will be temporarily closing our doors due to the risk

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Music Victoria discounts

Music Victoria discounts Did you know that if you have a current Music Victoria membership, we will shower you in love and sing your praises from the rooftops?! Also, you will receive 20% off your initial consultation, and then $10

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Osteo Advice

What even IS osteopathy?!

What even IS osteopathy?! For a long time now I have constantly been asked – “so what actually is osteopathy?”, “what does an osteopath do?” or “what’s the difference between physio and osteo?” or countless variations on this theme. Let

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Clinic News


Artists DISCOUNTS Sound Osteo is offering 20% off your first session if you’re an artist, musician, performer, or part of the creative heart of Melbourne.  Why would we do this?! Sound Osteopathy is dedicated to supporting those who make a difference to

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