What is telehealth?

Telehealth is health industry speak for video or phone consultations. This has taken off in the last few weeks to enable health services to continue providing care for their client base while reducing the risk of transmission of the Covid-19 virus.

How much is it?

We have significantly reduced our fees to reflect the nature of video consults compared to “hands on” therapy. There are three options:

– Standard sessions (15-20min) – $40

– Quick follow up calls/videos (10min) – $20

– New client or longer sessions (30-40min) – $60

I heard it’s free?

Osteo Telehealth consultations are covered by Medicare if you have an EPC (Enhanced Primary Care) plan from your GP which covers you for up to 5 sessions. If you don’t have one of these referrals you are required to pay for the service. If you have experienced significant financial hardship due to Covid-19, Sound Osteo can absolutely accommodate everyone in need of a telehealth session and some advice. Please call/email us to discuss.

But what would I get out of a non hands-on osteo session?

Of course there is nothing quite like the hands-on experience of an osteo session, we all completely agree there. But in the current circumstances, we’re seeing this as quite a unique opportunity to focus on the other aspects of treatment.  This is how a session would typically run:

– Case history: This is the same as any regular session you would have with any health practitioner. A lot of the knowledge about your injury and body is always gained through thorough questioning.

– Assessment: With video calls we are able to do some visual assessment, depending on the issue. We may also ask you to do some self assessment guided by us. This is actually a great way for you to get to know your body and what is happening

– Treatment: We will be able to guide you through some self treatment techniques using tools such as spikey massage balls, foam rollers, towels or your own hands

– Stretching/Strengthening: Depending on what you are seeing us for, there will likely be a number of beneficial exerises that we will prescribe for you. We are using a program called PhysiApp to assist with videos and demonstrations of how to complete these exercises. Or we might just run you through them in our consultation, or send you a YouTube video that is appropriate, or you can record us doing them through your computer, whatever works!

– Follow Up: After our video or phone conversation is finished, we will send you an email outlining what we have discussed so you can refer back to it. We may also book you in for a weeks time for a “quick chat” to see how you’re going and whether anything needs to change.

What works well?

Assessing working from home setups – a good setup will make a huge difference to how you feel physically.

Daily programs – as annoying as it can be, routines are key at the moment. We can put together an easy daily exercise/movement plan to help assist with some sense of routine.

Checking in – for some of you that have regular osteo sessions, this lengthened period of time without might be quite daunting. Having a quick chat to see how you and your body are travelling can be really helpful even without the hands-on part.

What do I need?

A way of receiving phone or video calls. This can be on your mobile, or on a laptop/computer. If your home internet connection isn’t great sometimes using the mobile network can be better. We may need you to have a little bit of space to move around in to demonstrate exercises or complete some assessment. That’s about it!

How do I book?

Head to our bookings page to make an appointment as you usually would. Otherwise you can call 9416 0258, or email us at info@soundosteopathy.com.au and we can help make the appointment.